AmiGo footbike, the footbike that makes you smile! ©

Check out this amiGO footbike –  finally a kick scooter than can actually roll over a pebble.  Stop being serious – get out there and have some adult-sized fun!

Price: $995  or $1195 with the front carrier and fender

Email us @ if you want one. And, yes, we ship outside of our personal delivery service areas of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa Kingston and others.

Available in black, red, blue, matt green or custom RAL colours for larger orders.

 Just in case you need to convince the boss…

Inspires creativity

Ready for decades of fun!

Fits even in the tightest spaces

Almost no maintenance

Top Quality: Made in Holland

Tough as the come:

stunning  and durable three layer powder coat

T.I.G welded steel frame

Andra rims with thick stainless steel spokes (prevents bent rims)

Marathon Kevlar coated tires (anti-puncture)

Shimano roller brakes front and rear

Aluminum foot plate (over rear wheel as well)

Aluminum skid plate

Front & rear lights

Because the AmiGO footbike is so easy to use, it is also popular for dog walking/running.


Frame fixed front carrier (25 kg) for baskets or boxes

Front fender – for those who like to play in the rain


Take a look at these action photos of the AmiGo Footbike:

AmiGo footbike, the footbike that makes you smile! ©

Photography: Mariella
Schreijenberg, The Netherlands

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