May, 2014

10 reasons why you will love a Bakfiets.nl Cargo bike

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1. Bicycle Therapy

Imagine yourself riding around with your little ones in your own pedal powered convertible with your children up front laughing and learning as you ride along through your neighbourhood. With our hectic lives, it is not often that you can actually experience time standing still and being in the moment with your children.

2. Children’s Choice

Your children, in the safety of a 3 point harness and strong marine wood box, always get the front row seat with plenty of room for their favourite toys, and their puppy at their feet. Give them the childhood memories you wish you had.

3. Easy handling

The cargo bike was researched, designed (and patented) to have an very low center of gravity making the cargo bike easy to balance with or without weight. Most people are amazed at how easy they are to ride!

4. Comfortable riding

A comfortable fully upright position combined with a very low step-through frame makes both riding and stepping on and off your cargo bike very easy.

5. Easy Sharing

Universal frame, with instep, and a quick adjust seat post allows you to share the cargo bike with both family and friends.

6. Wear what you want

Thanks to enclosed gears, chain, brakes along with fenders & coat guards allows you to wear clothes for any occasion from the beach or restaurant to your office.

7. Bring a friend along

The cargo bike comes standard with a bench for two children including two three point harnesses. You may also add a second bench, with another three point harness, to the cargo bike long to bring along a friend.

8. Easy shifting

Thanks to an easy to use 8 speed shimano nexus, you can shift while you are stopped and go directly to the gear you need. It also has plenty of gears including an ultra low “granny gear” for rolling over the hills.

9. Go shopping

The cargo bike long has plenty of room for a full load of groceries and you can create even more space by folding the seat up to utilize the entire box. If you are throwing a party, you can even fill up some panniers on the ultra strong rear carrier. Best of all, the 4 point “stabilo” parking stand keeps the bakfiets, rock solid while you load all of your groceries or while your kids are climbing in themselves using the handy foot step.

10. Stay visible and keep your children and cargo dry

Don’t let the rain get you down with the optional rain canopies, your baguette will still be as fresh and fluffy as when you purchased it at your local bakery. You also don’t need to worry if you are running out of daylight, the cargo bike has a hub dynamo (automatic – no batteries) lights that can be left on during the day or night.

BONUS – A cargo bike-for-life

Yes, now that you fell in love with your cargo bike soul mate, you may be relieved to know that your cargo bike was designed and manufactured to last for decades being used daily – even when stored outdoors. Everything from the ultra strong frame, triple powder coat paint, stainless steel parts and marine grade plywood box was designed to last a long, long time. In today’s disposable and unsustainable world, it is amazing to know that your cargo bike can be used daily while your children are young and then passed down to them as they grow up.

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