Jan, 2020

2 Wheeling with a Dog

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If you are anything like us, you want to find a way to ride and run errands with your dog, especially during the warm months when it is just too hot for your dog to wait for you in the car.

If your dog is a jumper, having a proper dog basket is key, it gives your four legged best friend a more secure ride. You don’t get anxious and neither do they. This one  pictured below acts more like a crate and makes them feel secure for their ride, plus, they are still getting fresh air.

If your dog is a superstar on a bike, and is still small enough to be in a basket, then choose the right sized basket. Just for a photo op, our Schnauzer sat in a small box and gave us stink eye. She was not happy.

The basket we put her in on the Oma is big enough for her to sit properly on a blanket. She feels more secure and tends to relax. The key is to cover the bottom of the basket so her paws aren’t getting stuck on the bottom. The box is big enough for her to lie down.

If you have a bigger dog, or multiple dogs, the bakfiets is a great option. Having a wiggly excited dog doesn’t impact your ride as the bakfiets is actually easier to control with weight and wiggly passengers. The bakfiets is also easy to leave your dog in the box when you stop to get groceries or pop in to get coffee. We always tie our dog down with her leash to the straps, or for bigger dog you can use an eye bolt and secure the leash to the bottom of the bakfiets.

The key to 2 wheeling with your dog, is to do what feels the most natural to you and your dog!

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