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We strive to give you European Quality.

We often joke that we aren’t exactly sure how we ended up here, but we did, and we love it. Andrew and Kendra are a husband and wife team with a passion for adventure, a zest for life and a need to strive to make things better.

Urkai strives to give you quality, long lasting and beautiful products. If we haven’t tested or used them ourselves, then you won’t find them in the store!


Andrew, is the all round business and technical guru. With an MBA from Queens, and background in finance and Insurance, he left his previous career wearing suits, number crunching and leading big teams, to follow his passion for business. It was on a trip to the Netherlands that Andrew fell in love with the bakfiets. If you e-mail Urkai, you will most definitely get Andrew replying to you!

Kendra grew up with Diplomatic parents, and travelled the world. Having a History degree from University of Waterloo, followed in her Father’s footsteps to become a Policy Advisor at Foreign Affairs while studying for a Master’s in International Law. After a backpacking trip as a family, Kendra quickly gave up suits, long hours and a bad habit of reading 5 newspapers a day, to working alongside Andrew to create Urkai. If you are following Urkai on any social media platforms, it is Kendra that posts, replies, and takes pictures of everything bicycle related.

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Hudson Gazette Article – Connecting Communities by Bike

Hamilton Spectator 

Excerpt from the interview by Jim Duff, Editor of the Hudson Gazette

“Life had been passing us by, and both Andrew and I were unhappy in our careers, and feeling like we were missing out on our son’s life,” Kendra writes. “It was after touring around and spending time in the Netherlands, that we saw a moment. Going to a local park, seeing families pile everything from blankets, picnic to extra trikes and their children into a bakfiets, and then riding it right into the park or the beach, and taking everything out, the bakfiets never leaving their sight.”

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