Jan, 2020

Bicycle Hand Signals

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A little while ago, I was riding around running errands by bakfiets, I had stopped, then signaled. Nothing unusual, I had a driver then put down her window and yell out “I don’t know my hand signals!” I was a little startled. An unusual confession coming from a driver.  I am not sure why she bothered to tell me, because the next question that came to mind was “how many people don’t know their bike signals?”

I remember vividly learning hand signals at school at a young age. Plus, I also lived in countries where you needed to know hand signals while driving because if your lights went out, you could be waiting weeks for them to be replaced, so hand signals were a necessity out the drivers window.

So here is a recap, for those who don’t remember their hand signals, memorize them, know them, embrace them, because they make everyone happy, including fellow people on bikes!

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