Nov, 2015

Brompton Electric Bike Canada

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Many of you love the Brompton (What is not to love?), but sometimes it is necessary to add a little power.

Sometimes those big hills and long rides need a little boost, electrifying your Brompton is a great way to do it. The most important feature is the fact that electrifying, does not mean you lose the ability to fold it into the perfect compact bike the Brompton is known to be.

There are different options that can be customized.

The first is torque, and what that means is, the more power you put into your pedals, the more power it gives the motor. This is a very natural feeling, you don’t notice the motor kicking in, it just feels like you are going faster than the effort you are putting into it.

The second option is a throttle, which requires you to use your thumb on the handlebars. It is not as comfortable as it is not as natural feeling on a bicycle.

We can electrify your existing Brompton, or we can customize a new Brompton for you, just call us or e-mail us with any questions you have.


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