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Customize your own Brompton

To be a truly personal transport solution, a Brompton should be built around your needs.

Browse through some of our photos above to give you an idea of the possibility of customizing your future Brompton. Quality you can trust

  • Made in Britain, hand-built to your specifications
  • 10-year guarantee on frame and 1 -year on remaining components
  • Bikes are built for year-round use in all weather conditions

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Choose your Model

There are four members of the Brompton family – the S, M, P and H Types – designed for different styles of riding and distinguished by their handlebars. 

Choose a Gear

There are four gearing options, and each of these can be lowered or raised to suit your riding style and terrain. Contact us for full details, including a gearing table.

Choose your Mudguard & Rack

Choose your Saddle & Saddle Height

Brompton offers three seatpost lengths to ensure the right fit: standard seatpost, Extended seatport, and elescopic seatpost.

Choose your Tire

Brompton Kevlar, Schwalbe Marathon, or Schwalbe Kojak

Choose your Rear Suspension

Suspension is important on a small-wheeled bike. Two levels of resistance are available, to suit body weight and riding style: standard and firm.

Choose your Lighting

Our lighting systems are specifically designed for our bikes and are safe from damage in the folded package. Any of our lighting options can be fitted to any bike, though fitting a hub dynamo to a Superlight bike will mean the loss of the extra-light front wheel. 

Choose your Colour(s)

On a bike with an all-steel frame you can opt for one colour or two, with extremities and main frame contrasting; the one exception is Raw Lacquer, which is only available for the whole frame, not in combination. On Superlight bikes, the titanium parts are unpainted, so only one colour may be chosen.

9Luggage, Transport & Accessories

Brompton’s range of luggage and accessories is designed to complement our bikes, offering a complete personal transport solution. The front luggage is carried via a frame on a tapered block; it takes a second to attach or release your luggage and the load is mounted directly on the main frame, with minimal impact on steering.

What should you do next?

It is very easy, email us, call us at 1.800.220.0150 or stop by our store. We accept Visa and MasterCard by phone. Payment plans also available.