Cargo Bike Families Through the Ages

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Since history is important, and of course, we are a little obsessed with it. We thought we would share some incredible photos of bicycles, and their drivers.

This looks like the first bicycle designed for a whole family, a little scary where the baby is, and looks very uncomfortable, but how interesting that this was taken circa 1910!

family-bicycle 1910


These 2 look quite serious, not sure the woman is at all comfortable, 1918



From Getty images – look at this, is it a pram, is it a tricycle? Who knows, but it is pretty genius! 1926

family bicycle


Family BIcycle 1926


Bicycle Tandem

Bicycle tandem


Cargobike side car

I don’t think I can truly express just how cool these photos are!

Who needs a van when you can ride as a family! How cool is this family circa 1950, England Via

As Mig_ R states on Flickr “Jewell Family 1950, Mr. Eric Jewell, of Dukes Avenue, Finchley, London, with his wife and children on a ‘quinticycle’ – adapted from a tandem with a sidecar. Here on a day by the Thames at Windsor.”


And of course this via:

Family Bicycle








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