Different Options for Transporting your Child By Bicycle

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There is no better way of teaching your child how to bike, than getting them on a bicycle as early as possible. We have so many different options.

The first is the Bobike Mini, for the ages of 1-3, and fits behind the handlebars.

child seat

The second is the Bobike Maxi for the ages of 1-6, and fits on the rear of your bicycle, shown above.

For most bicycles, the frame would not be strong enough to have both seats on the bicycle, but our Dutch bicycles are not only strong enough, but are designed to have these seats on the bike, giving the parent enough clearance and comfort to ride.

The Child Saddle, which is for 3-7 years. This saddle is a great alternative for shorter commutes.

The Bakfiets cargobike, has the highest capacity. It can carry 3 children in the box, and one on the rear rack.

The Bakfiets is one of the safest ways to transport a child at any age. The Bakfiets box can be outfitted with a car seat adapter, this is one of the only ways to safely transport an infant under Canadian law by bicycle, as a child under the age of 1 can’t wear a helmet, the car seat is their helmet essentially.

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