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Roller brake compatible kits for every Dutch bike.

We can ship the kit to you or install it for you, in our store.


Pendix Mid-Drive

For those looking for the same sophistication and natural feel of the Shimano STEPS system or Bosch mid-drive systems but wanting to add this to your existing bike or cargo bike.  This system will fit on virtually any bike or cargo bike and the best feature is your get to keep your chain case! For all Dutch bike lovers, a fully enclosed chain case is a key feature and until now we had no way of keeping the chain case while installing a mid-drive. As you well know, leveraging your gearing with a mid-drive offers huge efficiency gains for both power consumption and hill climbing possibilities. Some of the other features were love about the Pendix:

Incredibly intuitive pedal feel thanks to one of the best torque sensors we have ever tested.

No pedal resistance when the motor is switched off – you still keep your pedal-powered bike.

“Made in Germany” Quality

Noiseless and maintenance-free system.

Long range: eDrive300 of up to 105 km

Fits on virtually all bikes.

Dutch bikes and cargo bikes – you get to keep your fully enclosed chain case!

Pricing: Motor $1699.99, E300 Battery $799.99

Check out all of the details at www.Pendix.com

Urkai Clydesdale Kit – $1799.99*

For those wanting the maximum power legally available, to power up the hills with a heavy load of cargo. The Bafang BBS02 mid-drive is the way to go! It has a jaw-dropping 80 Nm of torque which leverages the gear ratios of the internal hub giving it maximum legal (500W Canadian limit) climbing power and cargo hauling capability. It comes with a 36V 10 AH (374 Wh) Samsung Battery with charger, a USB port to charge your phone/lights, and rear carrier. Approximate Range 20-50 km.

We have everything customized for our bikes, so you can have any bicycle shop install the complete kit.

* Does not include bike, repairs required before installation, delivery, shipping or taxes.