Mar, 2016

Electric Cargo Bike Options

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We now have three electrification options for bafkfiets.nl cargo bikes. Electric kit and bike can be purchased separately.





Bafkiets.nl Cargo Bike Long with 8 speed premium nexus –
Without Electric


Made in Holland, Ultra strong steel frame with oversized tubing, Tough three layer anti-rust powder coat, marine grade plywood box, ultra strong rims with stainless steel spokes, Marathon anti-puncture tires, Shimano nexus 8 speed, Powerful Shimano IM81  hand operated front and rear roller brakes, ultra strong rear carrier (50kg capacity) with elastic straps, fenders, fully enclosed chain, hub dynamo powered front & rear lights, rock solid & patented four point stand, two three point child harnesses.


New: Bakfiets.nl  Steps Model – Intelligent System with Electronic Shifting


Durable and low maintenance – 8 Speed Internal Geared hub with electronic shifting

Automatic Shifting – Torque, speed, and cadence are monitored to automatically and smoothly shift to the right gear and you can switch back to manual shift whenever you want.

Walk Assist – Push a button and the bike slowly moves forward

Start Mode –  Automatic Shift to lower gear for easy starts

Flatten Hills –  Mid-drive provides the power to make light work of the steepest hills

Quicker Journeys – Keep up with or even overtake city traffic, up to max legal speed of 32 km/h

No Sweat – Arrive cool and full of energy not hot or sweaty

Weatherproof –  No fear of rain or puddles…ride on!

Beat Headwinds – Let the motor take the extra effort in and enjoy the ride

Go Further – The large capacity battery and intelligent power management results a large radius of operation

Advanced Cycling Computer with gear, range, power level, battery indication

Strong Mid-Drive Motor – 250 W power is magnified by the 8 speed internal hub giving you all the power you need

High Capacity battery – High 418 Wh Capacity (36V, 11.6 Ah)

Long lasting battery: 1000 charge cycles with no significant power loss

Quick Charging: Charge 80% in 2 hours, 100% in 4 hours


Bakfiets.nl Front Wheel Drive 180 W  *discontinued*


This the the previous electric version from Bakfiets.nl that is being replaced by the Steps System. Please see the next option for the new system by Urkai.


Enjoy the maximum benefits of the cargo bike long or short by bakfiets.nl by adding electric pedal assist. Extend your distances without effort, carry more kids or cargo, flatten the hills or just arrive to work without perspiring during those hot summer days.  Electric pedal assist means that you must be pedaling with the motor to engage (as long as the cranks are turning no matter how little effort you want to give the motor will do the work for you).  The electric assist by bakfiets.nl is a front wheel drive system (making it two wheel drive when you pedal) so it works with all gear systems.  A 180 watt engine that can be adjusted through 15 different settings, for the amount of assistance desired.  So you can have full assist when you need it or none if you want more exercise. When not using the motor it freewheels for almost no resistance riding, almost exactly the same as non-electrified version. It comes standard with a high capacity Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery with 439 Wh capacity which can take you from 20 – 65 km and the battery is easily removable (just slides in and out of the rear carrier for quick charging). It charges in about 6 hours. It also has a lock so you can lock your battery to your bike when you leave it. Maximum speed is 25 km/h.


Urkai Front Wheel Drive Kits for Bakfiets.nl Cargo Bike
250 W


As Bakfiets.nl is replacing their front wheel drive kits with a mid-drive Shimano steps, we have created a stronger electric upgrade kit that can be fitted onto any Bakfiets.nl Cargo bike (or any bike/cargo bike with rollerbrakes to offer an effective replacement to do everything the previous bakfiets.nl system could do and more.

Our 250 watt motor is 39% more powerful, than the previous stock version and comes with the same great features of a display with power on and off function and multiple levels of assist. You also do not need to have it “on” all of the time if you do not want to as it freewheels when the system is turned off.  Maximum speed is 25 km/h.

It comes with a 36V 10.4 AH (374 Wh) Samsung Battery with charger, a USB port to charge your phone/lights, and rear carrier. Approximate Range 20-50 km

You may upgrade to the Extra Capacity 36V 14.5 AH (522 Wh) Samsung battery for only $199.99. Approximate range  28 – 70 km

* Price includes 8 speed bakfiets.nl Cargo bike with Urkai Specifications above and installation.



Urkai Clydesdale Mid-Drive 500 W


For those wanting the maximum power legally available, to power up the hills with a heavy load of cargo, the Bafang BBS02 mid-drive is the way to go as it has a jaw dropping 80 Nm of torque which leverages the gear ratios of the internal hub giving it maximum legal climbing power, and cargo hauling not to mention the increased efficiency by leveraging the 307% range of the Shimano nexus hub.

It comes with a 36V 10.4 AH (374 Wh) Samsung Battery with charger, a USB port to charge your phone/lights, and rear carrier.

You may upgrade to the Extra Capacity 36V 14.5 AH (522 Wh) Samsung battery.

The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) of the NuVinci 360 and added range (360%) make it the ideal partner for the Clydesdale Mid-Drive. It has the benefit of infinite number of “gears”, ultra smooth shifting, never requires adjustment and has proven itself to be one of the most robust internal hubs.



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