Goodordering Bicycle Bags

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We are really excited to be bringing in Goodordering bicycle accessories, all the way from the UK. Bringing both functionality and style, these bags will not only look good on your bicycle, but will turn heads. Goodordering designs are inspired by Scadenavian retro style from the 70’s and 80’s as well as Japanese school bags, which is why we love them, the bags actually remind me of school days in Asia.

What sets these apart? They are designed with your electronics in mind, pockets for your ipad and phone, padding and protection.  They are multifunctional, the Handlebarbags can be put onto a scooter as well as a Brompton, and the saddlebags are great for kids and adult scooters as well as bicycles. They are also washable, which as a parent is pretty brilliant!


Handlebar bagGO-HB-GRN4


It amazes me how much you can fit into one of these bags! Does anyone else carry around cars everywhere too?


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