Mar, 2016

Onderwater Tandem

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A great choice and safe way for your kids to participate in pedalling while you are in full control of their speed and safety.  An XL is $4499 and it includes the NuVinci 360 CVT (continuously variable transmission) giving lots of range and durability under the load of three people pedalling.

Factual (investment perspective).

1. Cars are so expensive that the savings from reducing their usage easily eclipses even the most expensive family bicycle. With our family bicycle we have transitioned from car ownership to car sharing. The CAA pegs the cost of car ownership around $8000 per year. We now use a car only to visit friends and family out of town, which we do only every 2-3 months. We use the bike for all of our in-town family transportation: children’s activities, groceries, hockey games, and even date nights. Even though our bike was expensive, it will pay for itself quickly, and then the savings will then fund our children’s RESP accounts.

2. The family bike is also a way for us to get exercise together without having to schedule it, by converting transportation time into active time.

3. In our neighbourhood, biking is faster than driving. And far more joyous!

4. All you really need for winter biking is a balaclava and ski goggles, and some kind of wind-proof pants. These can range from inexpensive rain shells to fancy winter activity pants from a store like MEC. Your kids will already have adequate snow pants.

Don’t take our word for it, here is a great quote from a client of ours in Toronto:

“If you want to send me a stack of business cards I’ll hand them out to people. Everyone wants to know about the bike. People stop me on the street to take a picture with me to post on their Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc.

We have now pretty much entirely eliminated the car. We do everything on the bike: kung fu, dance, chess, Chinese, hockey, skating, shopping, movies, etc. We never take recreational rides, but it is now our main mode of transportation.”

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