May, 2014

Pierre Laporte Photography meets Bee-Kissed

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On the day we surprised Sarah Hatton with her winning Bee-kissed bicycle, a fabulous photographer was snapping away. We feel very lucky to share Pierre Laporte Photography photos of the bee-kissed bike with everyone. A very talented Ottawa/Chelsea area photographer, who has a gift , his website to come soon! If you are looking for a photographer to work with, you know who to look up!

Sarah was our winner of design our next Dutch bike contest, with Bee-kissed! Between the colour, the name, there was a story that ran deeper for us as a company. Since we are a sustainability company, bees are a symbol of what we are doing to our fragile eco system. Bees are dying off in the millions, and it is urban beekeepers like Sarah, that are making sure that bees don’t die off forever.

Bees and bicycles make for a beautiful image together. So, without showing Sarah the bicycle beforehand, we worked with Azor on this bicycle.

We love surprises, and Sarah was definitely surprised!

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