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Quicker than a car in urban areas

The cargo bike is a very comfortable means of transport in urban areas. Whether you need to transport children, groceries or packages, it will easily get you around and you can park it wherever you want.

When you’re transporting a heavy load or have a strong headwind, you might think twice about using a bicycle. That’s why Urban Arrow only creates electric cargo bikes with a powerful Bosch motor that assists the pedals and helps you to easily reach 25 Km per hour, even when your bike is fully loaded.

According to Urban Arrow, this electric cargo bike is the future of urban transport. It can easily compete with cars in the city due to traffic congestions and parking difficulties. But that’s not the only reason. Cities are getting more and more aware of the polluting and unhealthy character of CO2 emitting motorized traffic. Through this awareness and changing pollution laws, more and more cities are creating cycle infrastructure, such as biking lanes, which turn the bicycle into a good alternative for the car.

The Cargo is the most efficient means of transportation to make the last mile a green mile. It’s fast, immune to traffic jams and can also carry quite a freight. But apart from its many business advantages the Cargo has another big plus that makes it even more attractive than a van; this bicycle keeps the city livable.

It doesn’t emit CO2 or any other polluting particles and rides without a sound. Thus making it a great asset to the environment and to your company’s image of course.

The Cargo carries 350 liters and 150 kilos. Which means you can swiftly transport a reasonable load through town. But there are more reasons why the Cargo is efficient. It’s not bothered by traffic jams, cost efficient and thanks to the replaceable boxes it can carry almost any freight.

To complete the picture, the Cargo also builds your company’s image. Expect some positive feedback!



The Cargo is very comfortable in use. With the electric assist you are always riding downwind. Changing gears goes smoothly and without having to think about it because we use the continuously variable transmission by NuVinci.

Maneuvering the Cargo is also easy because of the lightweight frame and low center of gravitation – even when you are carrying a heavy load. Thanks to the wide tires the bicycle also has the right suspension when riding up or down a curb. Fast and comfortable; at your destination before you know it. Like an arrow.



Apart from the usual benefits of an electric bicycle, the Cargo also has a wide range of business advantages. Low inventory write-downs, economical price per kilometer and attractive lease rates. Compared to a normal bicycle it also has a significantly larger geographical range.

Despite its speed, the driver doesn’t need a scooter driver’s license. But there’s more; the Cargo has a striking urban appearance; ideal to promote your company on the road. The different boxes can be easily decorated with your ads or visual identity.

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Bike Overview

  • Fully Upright Comfort
  • Safe Family Transport
  • Electric Assistance
  • Car Replacement
  • Modular Design
  • Carry Cargo
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Warranty
  • Made in Holland (Quality you can trust)
  • Commuting
  • Errands
  • Shopping
  • Child Transport
  • Cargo Transport
  • Car Replacement

Made in Holland, Nuvinci 360 CVT hub gearing, Bosch Active mid-drive with Porwerpack 400 battery, Schwalbe Tires, Aluminium frame, Front and rear fenders, Fully enclosed chain guard, Front and rear light, Hand-Operated front and rear brake, Rear wheel lock, Aluminum rims, Four point kick stand.

One size fits all

Shorty, Cargo, XL, XXL and many thoughtful accessories

We personally deliver your bike fully built and ready to ride in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Toronto & GTA. We box ship 95% built everywhere else.

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Happy Clients ...

I love the bike! It is exactly what I was looking for. I actually look forward to my commute now!

Todd Backman,


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18 December, 2015