Different Options for Transporting your Child By Bicycle

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  There is no better way of teaching your child how to bike, than getting them on a bicycle as early as possible. We have so many different options. The first is the Bobike Mini, for the ages of 1-3, and fits behind the handlebars. The second is the Bobike Maxi for the ages of 1-6, and fits on the rear of your bicycle, shown above. For most bicycles, the frame would not be strong enough to have both seats on the bicycle, but our Dutch bicycles are not only strong enough, […]


Canadian History – Bicycles in War

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After doing a little research, I discovered, Canadian Troops used bicycles in WW2! I am astounded that in all of my history classes, as well as having every last family member of WW2 generation, involved in the war, I had no idea that bicycles were used. Infantrymen checking bicycles aboard an LCI(L) of the 2nd Canadian (262nd RN) Flotilla. Southampton, England, 6 June 1944. (L-R): Privates Reg Martin and Rodney MacNeill, both of The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment); Private George Banning of The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (MG).   D-Day 6th […]



Nov, 2014

School Drop off – by bike – in the Netherlands

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While in the Netherlands, I had the unique opportunity to be invited by another Mum to observe school drop off. I was eager to see and be part of the massive bicycle commute, and see how my usual Canadian school drop off differed from the one my friend does daily. For this short bike ride, I borrowed a bicycle, and off we went at 8:20. I have seen traffic all around the world, but nothing quite like this one. My borrowed bike was a single speed, with rear coaster brakes. My brain, still […]