Jan, 2020

2 Wheeling with a Dog

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If you are anything like us, you want to find a way to ride and run errands with your dog, especially during the warm months when it is just too hot for your dog to wait for you in the car. If your dog is a jumper, having a proper dog basket is key, it gives your four legged best friend a more secure ride. You don’t get anxious and neither do they. This one  pictured below acts more like a crate and makes them feel secure for their ride, […]


Urban Arrow Cargo Bike Canada

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We are very excited to announce we will be bringing in the Dutch electric bike, the Urban Arrow! Another incredible Dutch design. Made out of lightweight aluminum, powered by a Bosch motor. With its electric assist you are always riding downwind. And it easily changes gear thanks to the continuously variable transmission by NuVinci. Which means changing gears without thinking. Who needs a car! The Family Urban Arrow: The Family can be flexibly customized. Thanks to its modular nature you can easily transform it into a Shorty – e.g. when your […]


Cargo Bike Families Through the Ages

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Since history is important, and of course, we are a little obsessed with it. We thought we would share some incredible photos of bicycles, and their drivers. This looks like the first bicycle designed for a whole family, a little scary where the baby is, and looks very uncomfortable, but how interesting that this was taken circa 1910!   These 2 look quite serious, not sure the woman is at all comfortable, 1918   From Getty images – look at this, is it a pram, is it a tricycle? Who […]



May, 2014

10 reasons why you will love a Bakfiets.nl Cargo bike

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SMILE! 1. Bicycle Therapy Imagine yourself riding around with your little ones in your own pedal powered convertible with your children up front laughing and learning as you ride along through your neighbourhood. With our hectic lives, it is not often that you can actually experience time standing still and being in the moment with your children. 2. Children’s Choice Your children, in the safety of a 3 point harness and strong marine wood box, always get the front row seat with plenty of room for their favourite toys, and […]