Feb, 2020

2 Wheeling to the Grocery Store

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Does anyone else seem to live in a grocery store? Back in the day when I didn’t have a child, a dog, after school and weekend pint sized hollow legged extra’s that pop into our house, I went grocery shopping once a week. So like all parents, that once a week grocery shopping trip turned into 4x a week, because either you run out of something, your nut free packaged food stash for the one friend with allergies has gone and you have to restock, you volunteered to get last […]



Nov, 2018

6 Reasons To Buy From Us

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GET THE COMFORT YOU DESERVE! We provide the most comfortable bikes and e-bikes in the world and give every customer an ergonomic bicycle fitting so that we eliminate any painful pressure points, and you can enjoy cycling in comfort again for years to come. We even have a 30-day Comfort Guarantee to back it up! PERSONALIZED ERGONOMIC FITTING We provide a professional and personalized ergonomic fitting for ultimate comfort for every customer that buys a bike from us. We can even do this virtually for our long distance customers. SAFE […]



Mar, 2016

Onderwater Tandem

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A great choice and safe way for your kids to participate in pedalling while you are in full control of their speed and safety. ¬†An XL is $4499 and it includes the NuVinci 360 CVT (continuously variable transmission) giving lots of range and durability under the load of three people pedalling. Factual (investment perspective). 1. Cars are so expensive that the savings from reducing their usage easily eclipses even the most expensive family bicycle. With our family bicycle we have transitioned from car ownership to car sharing. The CAA pegs […]