Feb, 2020

2 Wheeling to the Grocery Store

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Does anyone else seem to live in a grocery store? Back in the day when I didn’t have a child, a dog, after school and weekend pint sized hollow legged extra’s that pop into our house, I went grocery shopping once a week. So like all parents, that once a week grocery shopping trip turned into 4x a week, because either you run out of something, your nut free packaged food stash for the one friend with allergies has gone and you have to restock, you volunteered to get last […]



Apr, 2019

? Top 3 Questions Kendra Gets Asked About Riding the Bakfiets ?

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When you ride a bakfiets cargo bike long, you get stopped a lot. Things people stop Kendra to ask (sometimes in the middle of the street) Is it hard to steer? Nope, it takes 20 seconds the first time on a bakfiets to get used to the wheel being so far away, but other than that 20 seconds, it is super easy and a lot of fun. Is it heavy? A bakfiets is not fast but is smooth and easy to ride. If you are looking for light and fast, […]



Mar, 2016

Onderwater Tandem

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A great choice and safe way for your kids to participate in pedalling while you are in full control of their speed and safety.  An XL is $4499 and it includes the NuVinci 360 CVT (continuously variable transmission) giving lots of range and durability under the load of three people pedalling. Factual (investment perspective). 1. Cars are so expensive that the savings from reducing their usage easily eclipses even the most expensive family bicycle. With our family bicycle we have transitioned from car ownership to car sharing. The CAA pegs […]


The Azor Omafiets Nostalgic

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Azor Omafiets Nostalgic We typically stock 3 different Azor Oma’s The Azor Oma Standard The Azor nostalgic, which is what we will be focussing on in this post. The Azor Luxury All of the Azor Oma’s are lugged frames. They have a zinc primer for anti rust, and then 2 coats of powder coat finish, for durability, and extra anti rust. The geometry of the frame stays the same for all 3 models, but it is the components that change. The nostalgic package is a beautiful steel bicycle, with front […]


Yepp Jr. Bicycle Seat Review

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As many of you know, we test all of the products personally before we decide to carry them in our store. It is a fun job, but someone has to do it! One of the products we tested recently was the Yepp Junior, which is designed for children from 5 – 10 years old, with a weight capacity of 20 -35 kg.  Which is very similar to the Bobike Junior and Qibbel Junior seats we sell. For this test ride, we found ourselves in one of our favorite places Holland […]