The Dutch Bicycle Culture

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The first time we saw the miles of bicycle networks and bicycle traffic in the Netherlands was 9 years ago, with a then 1 year old in a pack on our back. We had decided to backpack for a few months with a toddler, some would think we were insane, but it was a blast.  Our first stop was Amsterdam, it was the shortest direct flight from our then home in Vancouver. Vancouver at that time was just going through the beginning of a bicycle revolution, and it was a […]


The History of Gazelle Bicycles

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If you think about Dutch Bicycle, you probably think of Gazelle. Gazelle was founded 1892 by Willem Kölling and Rudolf Arentsen. Initially they sold bicycles imported from England, but by 1902 they began their own production under the Gazelle name. In the 1920’s to the 40’s Gazelle exported bicycles to Indonesia, where you still see many of them today being used for everyday life, as well as being sought after as collector items. In 1925 Gazelle used the Piet Pelle cartoon character for advertising purposes and created this video of their factory […]