Jan, 2020

2 Wheeling with a Dog

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If you are anything like us, you want to find a way to ride and run errands with your dog, especially during the warm months when it is just too hot for your dog to wait for you in the car. If your dog is a jumper, having a proper dog basket is key, it gives your four legged best friend a more secure ride. You don’t get anxious and neither do they. This one  pictured below acts more like a crate and makes them feel secure for their ride, […]



Jan, 2020

Pedal Assist Bakfiets – The Game Changer

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No matter how short or long a trip, I get stopped when riding the Bakfiets, especially when they look and see there is a battery. Not only does it intrigue people, but the battery somehow opens up a completely different dialogue with strangers. I have been riding a bakfiets for 8 years. Throughout the years we have had a short, a long, then the long with pedal assist. The bakfiets has been the shared bike in our house, the one bike that seems to work comfortably with a 6ft man […]



Nov, 2018

6 Reasons To Buy From Us

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GET THE COMFORT YOU DESERVE! We provide the most comfortable bikes and e-bikes in the world and give every customer an ergonomic bicycle fitting so that we eliminate any painful pressure points, and you can enjoy cycling in comfort again for years to come. We even have a 30-day Comfort Guarantee to back it up! PERSONALIZED ERGONOMIC FITTING We provide a professional and personalized ergonomic fitting for ultimate comfort for every customer that buys a bike from us. We can even do this virtually for our long distance customers. SAFE […]



Nov, 2014

Getting your bike ready for winter

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Winter is upon us again, but for many of us, we want to push the bike frontier and enjoy the fun and challenges of cycling in the winter.  I believe I would be letting both my Azor bike and my wife’s bakfiets.nl cargo bike down if we did not ride them through the winter as they were built for year-round use. The frame has two layers of tough powder coat paint with an anti-rust zinc primer, and almost everything else that is not painted is either stainless steel or aluminum, making it […]