Apr, 2019

? Top 3 Questions Kendra Gets Asked About Riding the Bakfiets ?

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When you ride a bakfiets cargo bike long, you get stopped a lot.

Things people stop Kendra to ask (sometimes in the middle of the street)

  1. Is it hard to steer? Nope, it takes 20 seconds the first time on a bakfiets to get used to the wheel being so far away, but other than that 20 seconds, it is super easy and a lot of fun.
  2. Is it heavy? A bakfiets is not fast but is smooth and easy to ride. If you are looking for light and fast, you probably shouldn’t be looking at any cargo bike. A bike should be the right tool for the task.
  3. Can you carry kids? – Yes, yes and yes – we have trouble getting kids to get out because they are having way too much fun! The long version can fit 3 in the box strapped in. There are many configurations, including putting a seat on the back!


Life is too short not to love your ride!

Kendra has many bicycles, but the bakfiets cargo bike long is the only one she cannot live without.







When your child asks, why do we have to take the car?

Answer: Because we are driving 500km to Ottawa.

Reply: Oh, that’s ok then.

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