Urban Arrow Cargo Bike Canada

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We are very excited to announce we will be bringing in the Dutch electric bike, the Urban Arrow! Another incredible Dutch design.

Made out of lightweight aluminum, powered by a Bosch motor. With its electric assist you are always riding downwind. And it easily changes gear thanks to the continuously variable transmission by NuVinci. Which means changing gears without thinking. Who needs a car!

The Family Urban Arrow:


The Family can be flexibly customized. Thanks to its modular nature you can easily transform it into a Shorty – e.g. when your children don’t fit in the box anymore. We also have a wide range of accessories, such as a foldable bench for comfort or a base for your Maxicosi or Yepp seat. This is how our Family adapts to your family.

The Shorty:



And we can’t forget about businesses!



If you are interested in the Urban Arrow in Canada, call us, or e-mail us today, we are more than happy to help chose the best cargo bike for your needs.

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