Nov, 2014

Xootr Adult Scooters in Canada

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Mathew Broderick

Mathew Broderick

We are very proud to announce that we have found another fantastic product, this time hand crafted in the USA, called the Xootr, an adult scooter for both commuting and recreation. It is an engineering marvel, as it is 50% faster than the competition which makes it a lot more fun to scoot with your kids.



Built for adults. The longer and wider decks allow you to fit both feet comfortably and the adjustable and adjustable adult height handlebars make it extremely comfortable.

Brakes. Anything that moves quickly needs to stop quickly as well, all the xootrs include a hand operated front brake and an optional rear brake as well.

Sweet ride. In an effort many viewed as overkill, the Xootr was designed by a team that normally designs race cars. The Xootr has ultra-glide polyurethane tires running on nearly frictionless bearings. These wheels give the Xootr the lowest rolling resistance of any small-wheeled vehicle.

Gets small quick. The Xootr goes from fully deployed to a compact folded configuration in less than 10 seconds. This allows the Xootr to stow in the trunk of a car, under a desk, in a locker, or behind a door.

Goes where you go. The Xootr goes with you on the bus or train. It goes with you in the office or classroom.

High design. The Xootr has been described by normally jaded Silicon Valley engineers as “a work of art.” The industrial design of the Xootr was done by Lunar Design, one of the five most award winning design firms in the country.

Hand crafted in USA. The Xootr is basically machined from solid chunks of aluminum and then carefully assembled by hand. It is very rare these days, to find this kind of quality that we can put our name behind.

xootr MG red adult kick scooter



So it is light, easy to transport, durable, fast and most importantly super fun!  Come and visit us for an indoor or outdoor test ride or purchase online here with free shipping!





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